Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

8 thoughts on “UPDATED!: Current NISAB of 2018-2019

  1. Thank you so much Tudu, but can you please kindly explain how you come about the nisab price =1,075,066.00
    Dinar =13,438.00
    Diyyah =53,753.00

    as in the calculation

    really appreciate your effort

    thank you

  2. Salam Ramadan kareem. Do we pay Zakat on insurance, pension that have not yet matured . Also the gold that we wear do also pay zakat on it? Also the land that we have not developed, please advice

    1. Salam Sister, Zakat on any money has to reach one whole calender year. Must also reach the nisab (this year is N1,075,066). Must also be free of debt. No zakat on jewelry of gold or any item you wear, unless if they are meant for trade. Some people buy to wear and then sell for profit. No zakat for land meant for a personal house. However land meant for bussiness and profit zakat is paid on the value of the land of the value reaches the nisab or exceeds the nisab. Thank you

  3. Salam Alaekum yah Ustaz Ibrahim, please I want to know the calculations for Nisab on salary earner (civil servant). and the condition to pay Zakat for these set of people.
    Also, I will like you to expantiate on what you call blood Money?

    1. Salam, There are different views concerning zakat of salary. Some Ulama said is compulsory while others say is not compulsory in their mazhab. Nevertheless, if you chose to pay zakat from salary its commendable but then; Your total income must reach or exceed the Nisab ( for example N1,075,066 this year in Nigeria). Also you must have settled your debt and family requirements for the year. Then you can calculate zakat from the surplus, its 2,5% from the total surplus. Then you give zakat each end of year or give out zakat monthly. Thank you

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